Who am I, and why do I think so highly of myself as to have a website? Well, to be honest, I am nobody in the grand scheme of things, but I love what I do and maybe someone else will like to know why.

I am a software programmer (web developer these days – Ruby on Rails) and dabble in just about everything else. So don’t be surprised when you see a rant about the storyline of some TV show followed by some techno talk.

Oh, and for those of you interested; I started my own software company, Recreational Solutions. So poke around and enjoy yourself. If you see anything you like, don’t like or just plain detest; feel free to leave a comment.

Professional History

CFM Enterprises, Inc. (Recreational Solutions)

Recreational Solutions is a software company I started with a friend, Miguel Cartagena, in the Fall of 1999 while we were both attending the Georgia Institute of Technology. We specialize in recreational management software (league scheduling, facility management, class registration, etc). The company was later brought into the CFM Enterprises, Inc. umbrella.

CFM Enterprises, Inc. serves as both a software development firm and an internet consulting firm.

As a side note; please forgive the outdated flash sites. We are in the process of updating them, but client work keeps getting in the way. A poor excuse, I know, but it is what it is.

SBT Business Technologies, Inc.

This is where I got my start. I guess you can say I owe my career to this great group of people. I started as front line support and moved up quickly to a lead developer and dealt with everything from tech support to sales. At one time or another, I had my hands in everything involved in a small software company. The work here gave me the experience needed to start my own company.


  • Maintained and enhanced flagship program, FIConnect. The application is written in C and the user interface is driven by Panther, a Prolifics product. It allows for a single code base to be used in a desktop application and web-based application. The web side involved the standard languages; HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
  • Designed and developed the current company website. I currently don’t maintain the site so things may be off a little.
  • Helped in the installation and maintenance of Windows based email, file, domain and web servers (IIS, Exchange Server, SQL Server, Active Directory, Windows Server 2000).
  • Two years of technical support. Handled incoming phone and email support. Did on-site installations and training.
  • Two years of sales. Handled incoming sales leads. Hosted training sessions for clients. Traveled to client sites for previews of upcoming releases. Attended trade shows to showcase product and company.


achbusiness.com is a hosted solution of SBT Business Technologies, Inc. It is completely web-based and allows SBT to offer their software solutions to a larger market; therefore, creating a steady revenue stream. I guess you can say I was the ‘idea man’ behind the website. During a brain-storming session, it just dawned on me that we can offer a web-based solution to smaller clients that can’t or won’t pay the upfront cost for the enterprise software.


  • Created initial design for the front end website.
  • Designed the new web user interface. This created a better user experience and brought the application in line with today’s web offerings.
  • Pushed for the move to SQL Server from MS Access as the database back-end.

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